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gildan heavy blend hoodies
printing on 1 side
Additional print on 2nd side/sleeve
Pricing Example

To work out the price of your order, firstly take the price from the 'PRINTING ON 1 SIDE' table above. If you require printing in more than 1 position, add the cost for these from the 'ADDITIONAL PRINT ON 2ND SIDE/SLEEVE' table above. For example:

If you needed 100 Hoodies with a 2 Colour print to the front of the Hoodies and a 1 Colour print to the back of the Hoodies the price would be -

£925 + £125 = £1050  VAT and Delivery Included.

If you are unsure of the pricing for your order, give us a call on 01287 654481 and a member of our team will gladly help you!​

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